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WhatsApp service for optical retail stores – Increase your customer base and sales

Optical CRM happens to be one of the most reliable CRM software solutions for optical stores worldwide. We have recently added WhatsApp service for the optical retail business as a new feature to our software to make our software even more versatile. This feature makes it possible to market and build relationships with your customers through WhatsApp, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps.

How to improve your optical retail business in Lock-Down ?

Each and every Optical retail business is undergoing huge losses due to LOCK-DOWN and impact of novel CORONA. Being a part of this industry; we understand the challenges and difficulties that are very common for all optical retail stores. As we all know that this situation is beyond our control and there is hardly anything that we can do about it. If you consider this time as an opportunity; you can meet new heights in the future. It is up to you; either you can spend this time doing nothing or use it wisely to improve your optical retail business.

Benefits of online optical retail software

As an entrepreneur, you always think of growing your business and technology can help you to achieve your goals very easily. However, it is always confusing to choose between online or offline software. In this email we will highlight some of the key benefits of the online optical retail software. It will help you in making the correct decision for your optical retail store.

COVID-19 impact on Optical Retail Business - what has changed ?

Due to global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spread has changed the way businesses were operating before. This is also applicable for Optical Retail Business and there has been significant impact on optical retail sales. In this article we will explain the important changes or techniques that can be adopted to avoid the spread of this virus and continue our business.

Why do you need a CRM in your optical retail store ?

Customers are the key for success in any optical retail business. Since you are mostly interacting with local customers and they are your brand ambassadors. Also, you will get repeated orders from these same customers only. This is why managing and maintaining customer relationships is very important for the success of your optical retail business.

How to choose the best software for optical retail business?

Optical retail business is changing and today it has become very competitive as well as complex. In present time if you do not have the best software and technology in your optical retail business it will become very difficult to manage and grow your optical retail business.

Why discount coupons are necessary in optical retail business.

Discount coupons most commonly used promotion method to attract new customers and to keep your existing customer coming back to your optical retail store. You can use them while generating new sales orders. It can have some limitations like minimum number of products, minimum total sales value, for the first order only, for specific product type, etc.

Importance of Prescription management in Optical Business optical business.

Prescription in optical business is used for POWERS or VISION of the customers. 70% optical business is selling glasses with vision. Hence, it ads major share in your optical shop business. This is why it is very important to store prescriptions of all your patients.

Benefits of sending Bulk SMS for optical retail business.

SMS is very common and widely used medium of communication. This very important communication channel has also become very useful and popular business promotion tool. It is very easy to send thousand of SMS in bulk using any proven online services which will help optical shops to promote their products or offers to their customers.

Use of POS Software for Optical retail business.

Every optical shop want to grow their business but it is not so easy. It becomes very difficult to manage updated stocks, keep track of inventory and the most important is customer satisfaction. According to our understanding 30% of the optical business fails due to lack of inventory management, 20% of the optical business fails due to lack of customer satisfaction and 10% of optical shops fails due to mismanagement of stocks.