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1. How do I see a complete software demo ?

You can see our demo video in English or Hindi which is provided in DEMO VIDEO section of this website. Also, you can contact our sales executive and they will explain you each and every module one by one in live demo; it will be very easy to understand and clarify any doubts you have about the optical crm software.

2. How do I purchase the Optical CRM Software?

We have two different versions; 1. Online Cloudbase and 2. offline desktop software. Please contact our sales executive to discuss more or send an email to and we will get back to you immediately.

3. How much time it takes to setup my software / account?

It takes maximum 24 working hours for online optical CRM Software setup. If you have purchased offline version; it may take 3 to 5 working days.

4. How will I get my customer ID and software login details?

Once you make a purchase; you will get a welcome email from to your registered email ID or admin email ID. This email will have your customer ID and admin login details. Kindly keep this email safely for future reference.

5. What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major debit or credit cards, online transfer to our bank account, UPI Payment from any UPI Enabled payment service such as PAYTM, GOOGLE PAY, PHONE PE etc. You can also pay using PAYPAL.

6. How many branches we can add in one customer ID?

There are no limits, you can add as many branches as you want in one customer ID. However, each branch is considered as one license.

7. How many users I can create in one customer ID?

You can create as many users as you want. There are no charges for creating users.

8. Are there any contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees?

NO, there are no contracts, setup fees or any hidden fees in the Optical CRM Software. You only pay for the Optical CRM Software and SMS credits. There is no AMC or maintenance contract, no support charges, no email service charges.

9. Do you offer any discounts?

Sorry, we do not offer any discounts because our prices are already very low compared to any other software with equal features.

10. Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

Yes, you will get PDF Invoice for all your payments. You can download your invoice from My-Account section or you can ask our support team; they will send it across to your registered email ID.

11. What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds in the Optical CRM Software. You can go through the complete demo of our software before make a purchase.

12. Can I get an API access?

No, we do not have any external API services for the Optical CRM Software. At this moment, you have to work with reports that are provided in our software.

13. How safe are our data?

Your data is 100% safe in online Optical CRM Software. However, If you are using the offline version, then you have to take care of backups and safety of your data.

14. Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime. However, your data on our cloud will be deleted within 90 days from the deactivation of your account.

15. Can we delete our data and start again fresh?

yes, you can delete your data anytime using DELETE DATA option provided in My-Account panel.

16. Can I link your software with my eCommerce website?

No, currently we do not provide any API services for the Optical CRM Software. Hence, it will not be possible to link the Optical CRM Software to your eCommerce website.

17. What is difference between online and offline?

The Online Optical CRM Software is cloudbase service; this software and all the data are stored in our cloud server. You can access it from any device using a browser. Whereas, offline version is installed on your desktop or laptop; complete software and all the data are stored locally on your device. You cannot access it from any other device.

18. I forgot my admin password, how can I login or generate a new admin password?

Don't worry! If you do not remember your admin password you can use the forgot password link given in the login screen. You have to provide your admin user name and registered email ID. If you provide valid data, you will get a new admin password to your registered email ID. NOTE: this service is not available for an offline version.

19. I don't remember my customer ID. What to do?

Kindly check your registered email ID for the welcome email that you would have received when you purchased the optical crm software.

20. My admin account is locked, I am not able to login?

If your admin account is locked; kindly visit and login with your customer ID and registered email ID. Once you login, there is option on the home page to unlock your admin account.

21. Can I change my customer ID?

No, customer ID is system generated and it cannot be changed.

22. How do I change my registered admin email ID?

kindly visit and login with your customer ID and registered email ID. Once you login, there is an option to change the admin email ID.

23. What are the system requirements to use the Optical CRM Software?

You can access online Optical CRM Software from any device using a web browser. Also, you need stable internet service. However, offline optical crm software can be used for any laptop or tablet running windows operating system greater than Windows7. Offline optical crm software is not compatible for any tablet or any other OS apart from Windows OS. We recommend to have minimum 4 GB ram, 20 GB hard drive space and any processor more than intel core i3.

24. Do you provide barcode stickers, thermal printer resin and barcode printer?

We provide barcode stickers and thermal printer resin. Our barcode stickers are specially manufactured for optical business and they are high quality stickers. It will provide long durability and it will not spoil or damage eyewear. You can contact our sales team for more details. We do not provide printer or any other hardware products.

25. Transitioning from our old system, can you import our previous database? Is there a charge?

Yes, we provide an option to import data using EXCEL. You can easily download or export data in EXCEL from your old system and format it according to our template. There are no charges to import data. It is very easy to transfer your old data into the Optical CRM Software. However, if required your account manager will help you to import data.

26. Does it have the ability to connect to various receipt printers?

Yes, the optical CRM software is capable to print receipts on most of the branded receipt printers. However, you can print a sample receipt using our demo version before you make a purchase.

27. I am using Tablet, which version do you suggest?

Online version of the Optical CRM Software is recommended for tablet users. However, make sure that your tablet is capable to connect receipt printer and barcode printer.

28. How much data it can hold?

We are providing unlimited space in our online cloudbase version. For offline version data storage limit is depending on the free space you have on your hard drive.

29. Who is my account manager?

kindly visit and login with your customer ID and registered email ID. Once you login, on the dashboard you can see contact details of your account manager.