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The Optical CRM Software is the best software for optical retail stores. It combines multiple software's such as POS software, accounting software, CRM software, inventory / stock keeping software, invoicing / billing software, bar-code software, SMS software and Insurance software.

Our software will help you to manage Inventory, Products (SKU), Sales, Customers, Prescriptions, Bar-codes, Expenses, Accounts, Insurance claim, Accurate Lens stock in Grid view and all other aspects of your optical retail business. You can easily send Advance receipt, Invoice, Prescription and Order form PDF documents through SMS or email to your customers or vendors.

This is a global software and it is already used by 4000+ optical stores worldwide. It has flexibility to adopt any currency (USD, INR, Euro, AED, etc), any language (Hindi, English, French, German, Arabic, etc), any time-zone (IST, AST, EST, CST, etc) and any bar-code settings (Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval, bat shape, eye shape, etc).

Pricing for Optical CRM software is affordable and the lowest compared to any other software with equal features and modules. There are no hidden costs in Optical CRM software, and we do not charge anything extra for support or training.


Our promise is to give you the best service, support and all new advance features which can help you to easily manage your optical business, grow your optical business and maximize profits from your optical retail store.Optical software has dedicated team for customer support and training. We make sure that you get 100% support and training on our software. Moreover, we do not limit on number of training or support calls, you can call us every day for support and our executives will answer with smile..


Billing Software for optical retail


  1. Low cost
  2. 100% data protection
  3. Unlimited users
  4. FREE Support
  5. 100% GST Compliance
  1. Multiple langauges
  2. Integrated SMS system
  3. No cost for upgrades for future
  4. Multi branch support
  5. Available both Online / offlline
Billing Software for optical retail


This module will allow you to customize Optical CRM Software as per your requirements. It has various settings at admin and staff user level. Using this module you can enable or disable features that you want to use in the Optical CRM Software.

  1. Create, manage and update various master data records such as Brand names, Grades / Quality. Suppliers, Tray no etc.
  2. Various Discount setting's percentages, fixed, product wise, range wise, brand wise etc.
  3. SMS settings, customize templates, multi language supported.
  4. Bar-code settings, any size, any shape, print power details, you save option.
  5. Branch wise settings to choose an order number format, Invoice number, PDF size, receipts header and footer formats.
  6. Prescription card settings.
  7. TAX master to store all HSN codes, GST tax %, VAT %, Additional tax options for CESS.
  8. Email settings to send a PDF advance receipt, invoice, order form and prescriptions.
  9. Import data from your old software or excel.
  10. A Staff user module to create and give permissions to staff users.

POS Software for optical store


This module will allow you to manage all product SKU's (Stock keeping unit ) for various products like Lens, Frames, Sun Glasses / Goggles, Contact Lens, Solutions and other products. You don't have to create each product manually; products are automatically crated when data is imported or purchases is added in the system.

  1. Stock keeping unit (SKU) list with model number, product details, purchase price, retail price, inventory tracking options. You can choose to create your own product code or use model number or system to generate unique product code.
  2. Option to search, add, edit or delete SKU or product code.
  3. Easily export all product codes in excel sheet.
  4. Master data of all parameters such as color, type, gender, size, shape, material, axis, coating, vision, design, modality etc.

POS Software for optical store


This module will allow you to manage all product SKU's (Stock keeping unit ) for various products like Lens, Frames, Sun Glasses / Goggles, Contact Lens, Solutions and other products. You don't have to create each product manually; products are automatically created when data is imported or purchases are added to the system.

  1. Inventory levels will show you the availability and negative stocks of any product, easy to search.
  2. Easy to search product with model number, product code, color, size, type, gender, lens power etc.
  3. You can add purchase for any stock right from the inventory list.
  4. Adjust or delete mismatch or damage stocks.
  5. Transfer stock option for multi branches, see complete stock transfer history.
  6. Transfer stock PDF will be generated automatically with all required details.
  7. The inventory audit feature is a unique option to validate physical stock at your store.
  8. Complete history of all inventory adjustments.
  9. Inventory report in grid format to easily find out lens stock power wise.
  10. Quick inventory search will allow you to search and find for any item or stock in your store very easily.
  11. Stock movement can be tracked very efficiently in Optical CRM and it will give detailed analysis on stock inward movement and stock outward movement with challan, purchases, transfers, bulk import etc.
  12. You can manually add inventory for any product very easily in Optical CRM Software. If you want you can also edit or change available quantities for any product.

Optical shop inventory software


It is very easy to manage purchases in the Optical CRM Software. You can see complete purchase history of all products supplier wise, product wise, etc. You can also record purchase returns.

  1. Add the new purchases with complete details of TAX and Discounts.
  2. Decide whether you want unique or common bar-code, you can also choose not to generate bar-codes.
  3. You can also choose if inventory tracking is required or not for the purchased product.
  4. Set two prices (Retail price and Discounted Price).
  5. The System will pass voucher entries in the accounts module automatically for respective supplier ledger, stock in hand ledger and tax ledgers.
  6. Grid purchase option will allow you to add the purchase of lens in bulk with power wise details (Positive, Negative or Composite). This is unique feature available only in Optical CRM Software.
  7. We have also given the option to record any discounts that you have received on the purchase total bill.
  8. You can also record any expenses like courier or handling charges that you have to pay for your purchases.
  9. There is missing purchase price list where you can find out the products where the purchase price is missing.
  10. Using Challan module you will be able to add purchases that you have received on Challans and later you can update their purchase bill details.

Optical shop inventory software


The Optical CRM Software is capable to generate and print bar-codes for all products in any size, any shape and any pattern. You can customize your bar-code requirement from Master Settings. Bar-code makes it very easy to manage accurate inventory and create a new order in minutes.

  1. Automatically the system will generate bar-codes for all purchases or inventories that are bulk imported.
  2. You can print and re-print bar-codes any number of times.
  3. Customize any type of sticker, any size of sticker in the Optical CRM Software.
  4. You can choose to print whatever you want, like product name, code, model number, purchase date, retail price, discount price, you save amount, Rupee symbol, your shop logo etc.
  5. Our software supports both laser barcode stickers or thermal barcode sticker.
  6. Three separate lists for easy to use Bar-code module (Pending Bar-codes, Edited Bar-codes and Confirmed Bar-codes).
  7. There is an option to edit bar-code and you will be able to change to your own bar-code, change retail price or discounted price etc.
  8. Export all bar-codes to excel will allow you to download all bar-code data in excel file.
  9. We also provide bar-code printing service. If you do not have printer; you can send us the details, and we will print bar-code stickers and courier them to you. You can decide if you want to print only text or you want to print your shop logo on the sticker. This service is provided at an additional cost; you can discuss with our sales representative for prices.

Inventory software for optical store


We are popular because of our single page sales module. It is very user-friendly and you can record new order in a few minutes. Also, it has all the features that are required during the sales such as Referral code, Customer notes, Tax options, Redeem Loyalty points, Apply discount coupons, Customer credit, Round off discount, Insurance claims, Cash memos etc.

  1. Order number auto generated based on Branch settings.
  2. Order date and delivery date are auto populated, but you can change them if you want.
  3. Auto suggestion for a customer once you enter customer mobile number. You can select existing customer or choose to create new customer.
  4. Referral code option to record the referral of the sale and to give commission to the referrals.
  5. Complete customer details auto populated, you can decide what fields you want from admin settings, Age is auto calculated based on date of birth, You can store customer notes so that you can remember any important discussion with customers in the future.
  6. Tax options to choose applicable or not applicable, CGS/SGT, IGST, VAT etc. Also, there is an option to choose additional tax like CESS. You can pre-define this in Branch settings.
  7. Sell product using bar-code, product-code, model number, name or anything that you want. Our software is very easy because it gives you many options and you can decide which is comfortable for you.
  8. Customize payment options like cash, card, paytm, Google pay, etc. You can add up to 10 payment options from branch settings.
  9. Decide to generate advance receipt or direct invoice.
  10. Once order is placed; the system will automatically generate order form, advance receipt pdf, prescription pdf, give loyalty points, generate discount coupon, send email to customer with PDF advance receipt, pass voucher entries in customer ledger, sales ledger, cash/bank ledger etc.
  11. You can send an order form PDF to your supplier / fitter / vendor through email.
  12. You can edit order, re-print receipts, confirm orders, edit prescription details, re-send email to customer, update loyalty points, redeem discount coupons, see payment details etc.
  13. If you have enabled order item wise tracking you will be able to see each item in various stages like sent to fitting, receive from fitting, informed to the customer etc. You can customize these stages.
  14. There is a courier tracking module to track and manage couriers.
  15. A Separate list of pending insurance claims with complete details.
  16. Daily Statement PDF is provided in sales module. This document provides summary of all receipts and payments, it will help you to manage daily cash records. This is a unique feature in the Optical CRM Software.
  17. Optical CRM Software is capable of bulk invoicing. This module allows wholesalers or stockists to generate invoices for any product in multiple quantities.
  18. For multiple branches you can use an interbranch sales module which will automatically generate sales in one branch and create purchase in another branch.
  19. You can store Wearing Parameters during order booking or after order is recorded. It allows you to store Fitting height for progressive lens, SH (Segment Height for bifocal lens), Wrap angle, Inclination (pantoscopic), Progressive length (in mm), Reading distance (in cm). Frame dimensions. A, B, C, D and ED ( Effective diameter), BVD / ERCD (Back vertex distance), Head cape / Head/Eye ratio, Frame distance center (FDC / FD)

Inventory software for optical store


Managing customer data are very important. Customers are the key stakeholders in your business. Optical CRM Software allows you to store all information of your customer, edit them, mark DND customer, make different customer categories, print address labels, birthday list, an anniversary list, discount coupons, loyalty program and referral program.

  1. Optical CRM Software allows you to create and manage customer with all details like Title, Email ID, Anniversary Date, Date of Birth, Age, Customers Category, Gender, Customer GST/TAX Number, Company Name, Full Address, Locality, Country, State, City, Pin Code (ZIP Code), Customer Notes etc. These details are optional and you can customize these fields from admin settings.
  2. Create and manage unlimited customer categories as per your requirement.
  3. From customer list you can View & edit customer details, view ledger ID, view loyalty points statement etc.
  4. The DND customer option will allow you to place customers into this list who are not interested to receive promotions or SMS communications.
  5. You can print customer address labels which are very helpful when you want to send couriers or any important communications to your customer.
  6. Using birthday and anniversary list, you can easily wish your customers and provide them special offers for their special day.
  7. Customer notes will allow you to record and recall important discussion or offers for specific customers.
  8. The Discount coupon module will allow you to generate coupons, set auto rules for discount coupons, decide SMS template for coupons, etc. Also, you can view and resend discount coupons to customers.
  9. A loyalty program is another important aspect of retail business. In Optical CRM Software, you can generate, transfer, view loyalty point balance for customers. You can set rules for redemption and auto calculations of loyalty points.
  10. Referral program allows you to generate more business from your existing customers and industry contacts such as Hospitals, Medical Stores, Practitioners and professionals from optical industry, etc. You can create your own Referral Code and manage payments for the same.
  11. Using quick customer search you will have all vital information about customers, past purchases, loyalty points, discount coupons, prescriptions etc in one single screen.
  12. You can issue membership cards to your customers. Membership ID in Optical CRM Software can be used during new orders and you can reward your customers based on their Membership ID.

Optical Shop Software


Excel reports for any data is very vital for your business. If you have all the data in software, but if you cannot export it's report then that data is useless. In Optical CRM Software you will get all reports in Excel. Also, we have the unique feature of summary table for important reports; this will save your time and you don't have to download report to find out a simple total number.

  1. You will get all reports in optical CRM software such as Inventory report, transfer stock report, purchase report, sales report, pending order report, order form report, customer report, GST input and output report, expense report, payment report, eye testing records (prescription report), closing stock report, customer due report etc.
  2. Easy to see important data in tabular format; you don't need to do download it in excel only to find out total values.
  3. Summary table helps you to find out vital information with a glance.
  4. Many filters available for each and every report so that you can generate and download report for any specific data you require.

Optical Retail Store Software


Text SMS is a very common method of communication and it is a very important tool for business promotions. In Optical CRM Software, you can easily send Bulk SMS, order ready reminder SMS, feedback SMS. Also, the system automatically sends SMS for various occasions such as welcome SMS, new order SMS, birthday SMS, profit and loss SMS etc.

  1. Using bulk SMS option you can send SMS to all your customers or any other database. It will help you to promote your business very easily. You can send bulk SMS in any language you want to useUNICODE facility.
  2. In optical CRM software you get complete details of each and every SMS sent from your customer ID. We give complete transparent SMS history.
  3. You also get a list of all the SMS credits you have purchased and the balance SMS credits you have in each purchase.
  4. If you send feedback SMS regularly to your customers, you can easily improve your business. In optical CRM software, it is very easy to send feedback SMS.
  5. When you have more orders or many orders are pending for delivery, you can send bulk order ready reminder SMS to all customers informing them to collect their product from your shop.
  6. Apart from the SMS you send manually; Optical CRM Software is capable of sending auto SMS for various instances, such as welcome SMS for new customer, Advance or Invoice SMS to customer and owner, order edited SMS to the owner, Birthday Wishes to customer sent automatically at 10 am on their birthday, Anniversary Wishes, Daily profit and loss SMS to the owner, secure OTP SMS send to owner for secure transactions etc.
  7. Optical CRM Software allows you to customize your SMS templates with a wide range of variables. Also, you can send SMS in any language like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, French, German, Russian, Chinese etc.

Optical Retail Store Software


Tracking every expense in the business is very important to make your optical retail business profitable. In Optical CRM Software, you can record all expenses for your shop like repairs, salaries, rent, electricity bills, house keeping etc. System will also pass payment vouchers automatically in the accounts module for all the expenses you add in the system.

  1. Easy to record and keep track of all shop expenses.
  2. Automatic voucher entry in accounts module.
  3. Reflects in daily statement PDF so that you can know how much daily cash has to be collected from the cash counter.

Optical Retail Store Software


Eye testing and prescription are very important for optical retail business. This is why we have taken special care for recording, managing and printing prescriptions in the Optical CRM Software. You can store multiple prescriptions, date wise for a single customer. Each customer can also have multiple patients (their family members), you can print prescription in PDF or you can print prescription cards which are modern and very attractive.

  1. Record new prescription along with customer date. However, when you create new order; prescription is automatically recorded in the system.
  2. You can store patient name, Doctor / Optometrist Name, Left & Right eye vision, sph, cyl, axis, pd etc. You can store additional notes for prescriptions.
  3. Easily you can search all prescriptions for any customer name, mobile number, doctor name, patient name etc.
  4. You can also export all prescription records in EXCEL.
  5. Send email to customer with prescription PDF, print prescription or print prescription card.
  6. Optical CRM prescription module is capable of auto-calculating near vision (NV) based on the ADD values.
  7. Also, we have given a simple TRANSPOSE option to convert one form to another, usually “+” to “-“. Some practitioners prescribe eyeglasses in what is called a plus cylinder, and others do so in the minus cylinder. Regardless of which is used, the prescriptions are the same.
  8. In Optical CRM Software you can also store separate prescriptions for Contact Lens patients.
  9. You also get the option to store 4 different versions of prescription that are before testing, after testing, after refraction and final prescription etc.

Optical Shop Software


The Optical CRM Software is a complete accounting software. All its modules like purchases, sales, inventory, expenses are directly linked with accounts module. However, we have made it very simple to use and you need very minimum accounting knowledge to operate our accounting module. Also, it is not mandatory and you can choose not to use the accounting module if you are using any other accounting software.

  1. Manage ledgers, create sub ledger, create group ledger, view ledger balance, view ledger statements, search for any ledger with name, type, ledger ID etc.
  2. Voucher module allows you to generate new vouchers for payments, receipts, general or contra. Most of the payment and receipt vouchers are auto generated from various modules like sales and expenses.
  3. Accounts payable and receivable list help you to find out how much amount you are yet to recover from all your customers and how much amount you owe to your suppliers.
  4. Using trading & P/L Statement and balance sheet you can find out business performance.

Optical Shop Software


In Optical CRM Software we have integrated insurance module which will allow you to record and track all insurance claims.

  1. Easy to record insurance as one of the payment options. It can be used alone or it can be used along with other payment options.
  2. Create unlimited insurance scheme names or insurance company names.
  3. Manage and track each and every insurance claim status and details.
  4. All pending insurance claims in one place.
  5. Option to pre-authorize insurance claims.

Optical Shop Software


Emails are the most professional way of communication with your customers. Optical CRM Software allows you to send beautifully designed HTML email templates to your customers when they book orders.

  1. It allows you to share complete details on the order along with Advance receipt or Invoice PDF links.
  2. In Optical CRM Software you get email service at no additional cost; it is a FREE service provided to our customers.
  3. You can customize your email templates and design your own content to match your brand.
  4. You can decide on CC or BCC for the emails that are sent to customers.

Optical Shop Software


We have implemented the WhatsApp module in Optical CRM which will allow optical retail stores to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp.

  1. You can customize WhatsApp templates as per your business needs.
  2. WhatsApp messages go from your own mobile number so you can communicate with them very easily.
  3. You can send more content than SMS using WhatsApp.
  4. WhatsApp service will enhance your brand image with your customers.
  5. Discount coupons or Loyalty points will be sent to customers on WhatsApp.