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Importance of Sales order management in optical retail business

Importance of Sales order management in optical retail business

Sales has always been a key component for any business. Every business problem is directly or in-directly related to sales; if you can manage sales or new orders efficiently, you can increase your profits and achieve more growth in less time.

Advantages of perfect sales order management in optical retail business ?

  • Reduces your customers waiting time.
  • Makes your customers feel good and satisfying.
  • Avoids clerical errors.
  • Provides accurate cash management.
  • Helps in inventory replenishment.
  • You can reward your customers with freebies.
  • Easy to reward sales commission.
  • Accurate referral incentives.
  • Proper prescription data management.
  • You can adopt modern business tricks.
  • Achieve 100% accounting and tax compliance.

Why I should choose Optical CRM Software for sales order management for my optical retail store ?

  1. Single page billing - In optical crm software you can create new orders in a single page without navigating to multiple stages or pages. It is very easy and even less technical people can create new orders in Optical CRM Software without any trouble.
  2. Complete customer profile - You can fill and create customer right from sales page with all the details such as Title, Email ID, Birthday, Anniversary Date, Customer Category, Gender, Customer GST/TAX Number, Business / Company Name, Address Line-1, Address Line-2, Locality/landmark, Country, State, City, Pin code/Zip Code, Customer Notes, Membership ID etc.
  3. Referral option - You can create referral codes or you can allow your customer mobile numbers as referral codes; either way managing referral orders are very easy in Optical CRM Software.
  4. Membership ID - With use of membership ID you can create customized cards or track customer orders. It can also be used for easy and fast billing for customer re-visits.
  5. Delivery date - Optical CRM Software will automatically set delivery date for each order and you can also change it as per your requirement. For optical retail business, the delivery date option is very important.
  6. Sales staff - You can choose any sales staff who should be rewarded for the respective sales order. This gives easy tracking for sales incentives or commissions. Also, it will help you to track any errors done by sales staff during the sales process.
  7. TAX options - In optical CRM Software you can make default settings for TAX options or you can choose these options during every new order. You can select not applicable, including or excluding as the options for TAX calculations. For Indian customers CGST, SGST and IGST is auto calculated by Optical CRM Software.
  8. Barcode system - Sales process is made very easy with the help of barcodes. You only need to scan BARCODE and the system will bring the product; you can finish billing in 1 click.
  9. Product search - If you do not follow the barcode system and if you wish to select products manually it is made very easy in Optical CRM Software; just select product type and start entering a few letters. System will give you the options or the products that are available with given key words. Select the product you want and done.
  10. Easy Discount module - You can give discounts for each product or you can also discount for the entire order or you can use OTP base discount module; there are many ways but you can decide which one works best with your optical retail business.
  11. Redeem loyalty points - If a customer has any loyalty points you can easily redeem them for new orders. System will check and validate loyalty points calculations based on your pre-defined business rules.
  12. Apply discount coupons - You can apply discount coupons right from the new order page and it will also validate how much discount customers are eligible for the given sales order. Everything is driven by the business rules set by the admin. Your admin can customize the rules as per your optical retail business needs.
  13. Add customer credit - This is a unique feature where you will be able to keep some amount pending with the customer as credit. You can finish and complete your order and the credit amount will be recorded by a system which you can collect at a later point of time.
  14. Apply insurance claims - This is a very important feature for optical retails stores in the UAE. You can record insurance for any order and later keep track of the insurance amounts received from insurance companies.
  15. Multiple payment options - Optical CRM Software has the option to set 10 different payment options; it makes payment tracking very easy. You can easily record and verify payments coming through CASH, CHEQUE, UPI, GOOGLE PAY, PHONE PAY, PAYTM, RAZORPAY, PAYPAL etc. You can create your own options and decide the respective accounting ledger for the same.
  16. Direct INVOICE or advance receipt - When you record a new order you have a choice if you want to generate a direct invoice or you want to only record order and keep it in the pending order list. Later on you can complete the order from pending and invoice pdf will be generated.
  17. Automatic process - The moment you finish the order system takes care of all the work for you like adjusting inventory, entering vouchers in the accounting module, sending SMS, Email and WhatsApp to customers with order details, generating PDF documents like Order Form, Advance Receipt and Invoice.
  18. Pending orders - Here you can see list of all pending orders and there are many options which will allow you to edit order details, send order ready reminder SMS, WhatsApp, Confirm order, view payment details, update purchase prices, view & print advance receipt and order form PDF, send order for to vendor through email, redeem loyalty points, update discount coupon, update eye prescription details, update insurance claim details, email advance receipt PDF to customer or delete order.
  19. Sales history - Using this page you can see list of all completed orders and there are many options which will allow you to edit invoice details, view payment details, update purchase prices, view & print advance receipt PDF, order form PDF and invoice PDF, update eye prescription details, email advance receipt PDF or Invoice PDF to customer or delete entire sales invoice.
  20. Sales return - For any reason if a customer is coming back and returning your products; sales return is the best option which will take care of inventory, accounts and sales immediately as soon as you enter sales return details. You can also see a list of all sales returns.
  21. Order item wise tracking - This is a unique and very important feature of Optical CRM Software. When you have more orders and you want to keep track of what is happening and at what stages your orders are; this module will be a perfect choice for your optical retail business. You can track if you received a lens from a wholesaler, if you have sent a frame for fitting or you received it from fitting, whether courier is done or not etc.
  22. Insurance management - This exclusive module will allow all UAE optical retail stores to record and claim insurance amounts for their sales orders. You can record how much was the claim amount and how much you actually received, also you can track how many insurance claims are pending.
  23. Bulk invoices - This feature is very important for Wholesalers who want to generate bulk quantity invoices for their customers. Using this module Whole Optical Retail Business can also use Optical CRM Software for their business.
  24. Interbranch invoicing - When you have more branches and if their accounting and taxation is separate you would be required to perform inter branch invoicing. This is a unique and very helpful feature of Optical CRM Software; when you perform interbranch invoice system will automatically generate a sales invoice from the branch and add purchase in the receiving branch.

Optical CRM Software is the awarded and No1 Software for any optical retail business. Whether you are running a single shop or you have a multi chain optical retail business; Optical CRM Software is the best. We have already gained trust from 4000+ optical retail stores worldwide and we hope that you will give us a change to help you in achieving your dream optical retail business.

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