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Terms & Conditions

Below given PDF document contains all terms and conditions for Optical CRM Software. It has conditions that are applicable for online software as well as offline software. Hence, read is carefully. If you have any questions; please contact our sales or support staff.
  1. Optical CRM software online version works on the PREPAID payment system. It cost Rs 2400/- or USD 99 for 1 year for each branch. Once you make a payment; your unique customer ID will be created within 24 working hours and subsequent renewals of your customer ID will be on the same date every year.
  2. Each branch or shop is considered as additional license. One customer ID can have unlimited branches, but each branch will be billed separately.
  3. The SMS cost will be 18 paise per SMS. However, for each new customer one time 100 free SMS Credits will be provided. This free SMS is applicable only for customers in INDIA (both online and offline versions).
  4. Once we receive your payment your customer ID will be created and you will receive admin login details to the registered admin email ID within 24 hours for the online version and within 5 working days for an offline version.
  5. You have to provide your company or shop logo and other details required to set up optical CRM. Any delay in providing such details will also delay our setup process.
  6. Refund is not allowed in any cases. Kindly take full demo or before making purchases of the Optical CRM Software.
  7. All prices mentioned in the proposal are without taxes. Any and all applicable taxes will be charged extra.
  8. Prices are subject to change in the future. Also, any correction on the cloud infrastructure price or the price of the services that we are buying from our vendors will affect future renewal prices.
  9. All renewals will be at actual cost and not at the discounted price.
  10. We take utmost care to protect and safeguard your data in the cloud. However, we cannot be liable for any compensation for data loss. You have to make sure that you take regular data backup's from the Optical CRM Software. We will able to restore data only if you provide valid backup file of the Optical CRM Software. We cannot restore data from EXCEL FILES or any other format except backup file which is provided by the Optical CRM Software.
  11. Optical CRM Software offline version will cost Rs 3000/- for lifetime license for single computer. Optical CRM Software offline version is sold to customers who are in INDIA only. For customers outside INDIA, we do not sell offline version.
  12. Optical CRM software offline version is installed on your laptop or computer. Our software can be installed only on Laptop or Desktop computers running Windows. We can not provide software for LINUX or MAC operating systems. Minimum System requirement to install Optical CRM Software is 4GB Ram, 30GB hard disk space and Any Intel processor above i3 version.
  13. For offline optical CRM Software each computer is considered as one license. The Optical CRM offline version is not compatible to be used on multiple computers or multiple branches. Optical CRM offline software is meant for single shop only. You should not use the same software in any other shop or branch.
  14. Optical CRM offline software is tagged with Computer ID. Hence, if you change your computer or it is not working anymore; your Optical CRM software license will also not work. In this case, you have to purchase the full Optical CRM Software again at then prevailing prices.
  15. One time installation cost of Rs 1000/- will be charged additional for Optical CRM offline software. Also, for any re-installation of Optical CRM software offline version on same computer will cost extra Rs 1000/- for each re-installation.
  16. You would require OPTICAL CRM SERVICE APP on your computer to install, re-install, purchase SMS, take back-up, take upgrades, avail technical & customer support for Optical CRM software offline version. This service app works like AMC and it cost Rs 2000/- for 1 year. If these service app is expired then you will not be able to upgrade, take backup, avail technical or customer support for your Optical CRM offline software. To reactivate service app customer has to pay Rs 1000/- extra. Hence, we recommend to renew service app before it gets expire.
  17. SMS currencies have to be purchased additionally. SMS prices are subject to change, and we will inform 3 days before any changes in the SMS prices. All SMS credits have fixed validity (3 months, 6 months or 12 months, depending on number of SMS credits you buy at once). If you are using online version you can purchase SMS credits from and there is no minimum package; you can purchase how much you want.
  18. If customer wants to use their own SMS service, Rs 1,000/- or USD 50 for one time API integration will be charged extra. If customer wants to change API service again in the future, it will be charged again. We will only integrate SMS service API that is approved by our technical security team.
  19. Our office working hours are from 10 am to 7 pm (IST), Monday to Friday. Support will be provided during this working hours only. We follow all Indian HOLIDAYS, our office remains close on all such holidays.
  20. The Optical CRM Software is product owned and marketed by Delight IT Solutions and it is developed by DNB Management Applications. Without any written permission selling, promoting or copying any part of of Optical CRM Software is illigal and it is subject to punishment as per the LAW.
  21. WhatsApp API Service is provided as-is without any warranty or guarantee on delivery. WhatsApp activation charges will cost Rs 1500/- or USD 25 for each instance. This is one time cost to create a new instance. Each wahtsApp credit will cost Rs 0.45 paise or USD 0.01 cents. There are various packages available to WhatsApp credit and expiry is different for different packages.
  22. WhatsApp is sent from your regular mobile number which you have scanned in Optical CRM Software. However, Optical CRM Software will not take any responsibility for your WhatsApp number. If you misuse service or if you send bulk WhatsApp; there are chances that your mobile number gets blocked for WhatsApp service.
  23. We are following strict DLT guidelines. We will not be able to send SMS using any template or sender ID (also called header) which is not approved or blocked in DLT platform. Also, we do not have any control on the DLT platform; if your template is not approved or sender ID is not available; we will not be able to help you.
  24. If you are using your own DLT account then it is your responsibility to get sender ID and templates approved in your DLT account. Our team can only guide you but we can not take any responsibility on your DLT account.
  25. If you are not using OPTICAL CRM SMS service and you have integrated your own SMS API; then our team can not help or provide support on SMS delivery or Templates.
  26. For any reason your Sender ID or Template is blocked in the DLT platform; we will not be able to help you because there is no customer support for the DLT platform.
  27. Any purchase made in Optical CRM Software is final and there is no refund or adjustments allowed for any purchase. It could be SMS credits, WhatsApp credits or Barcode stickers; we do not provide any refunds or adjustments once the service is paid.
  28. All disputes are subject to Bengaluru jurisdiction only.

By purchasing the Optical CRM Software (offline or online); you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above. These terms and conditions may change in the future. Hence, we recommend you do to keep a copy of these terms and conditions for your future reference.

If you have any questions on features, prices, payment options or terms and conditions, please email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.