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In this video you will learn why Optical CRM Software is the best software for any optical retail business and why more than 4000 optical retail stores worldwide are using Optical CRM Software. Our software is low price with best in class support from our experts. We make sure that our software helps you in managing and growing your optical retail business. It help in sending WhatsApp, SMS or Emails to your customers. It is fully automated with all features in one software.


Watch these videos to learn what features and modules are provided in the optical CRM Software. We have separate video for Hindi and English.


Watch these videos to learn more about special features and services that is provided in optical CRM. You will notice it as the best software for optical shop.

How to increase sales and customers

Start using WhatsApp, SMS, Emails, Discount Coupons, Loyalty points, Referral program

Testimonial video

This is video testimonial given by a customer. Their shop name is OPTICO and they are from Patna, BIHAR.

Petty Expenses

It is very easy to manage petty expenses of all types through cash or bank; to learn more watch this video.

Prescription management

Managing prescription of eye testing is very easy in the Optical CRM Software; watch this video to learn more.

Do you want to grow?

Every optical retail business wants to grow, but it is not very easy; to learn all techniques watch this video.

Your data is safe

We take all precautions and use all possible methods to protect your data in the Optical CRM software.

Increase your sales

Technology can help you to increase your sales for optical retail products; it is very easy and simple.

GST compliance software

The optical CRM software is 100% GST compliance software and it makes GST management very easy for your business.

SMS is key to success

Whether it is transactional SMS or bulk SMS; text messages is a proven method to achieve success in promoting business.

Barcode printing software

Barcode generating and printing is an integral part of the Optical CRM Software; you don't need separate software.

How to grow a business?

Watch this video to know how you can grow your optical retail business very easily with the Optical CRM Software.

Have you ever thought?

Running and managing an optical retail store is not easy, but it can be made easy with the Optical CRM Software.

Quick software demo?

This is small and quick demo video in Hindi for the Optical CRM Software.