Optical Software for Retail shops and Stores

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Optical CRM software includes all of the features, modules, and tools you’ll need to expand your optical retail business more quickly than ever before. It is the most widely used and trusted software on the market.

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There are Nine reasons why

you should get Optical CRM.

Unlimited users for free

Create and manage as many users you want for your optical retail business. There are no extra charges for creating users in our software.

Exclusive for optical retail

Our software is tailored to the optical retail industry, and we've included all of the functionality that every optical retailer needs.

All-in-one software

Billing software, inventory software, bar-code software, CRM, accounting software, bulk promotions, WhatsApp and more are all part of it.

21+ unique features

Discover new and innovative features that will help you expand your optical retail business to new heights..

Cost effective

For every optical retail business, our software is the most affordable and cost-effective option. There are no hidden charges.

Free phone support

Our professional account managers are available to take your call at any time throughout business hours. We're here to assist you.

Multi-store support

Our software is ideal for any multi-chain optical retail outlet. From a single admin console, you can manage all of your stores.

Regular upgrades

We never stop coming up with new ideas. We've been adding new features and modules to our software on a regular basis. All these is for FREE.

Unlimited cloud storage

In our software you get storage that will never get full. Store unlimited invoices, inventories, customers, prescriptions etc.

Optical Software for Retail shops and Stores
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Rich experience in the optical retail industry.

With our expertise in software development; we have been instrumental in helping many optical retail businesses worldwide. Our vision is to provide easy, simple and scalable solutions that serve as a springboard to get a competitive edge in the market.

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We are different from other softwares

21 Unique Features

Our software is used by the majority of optical retailers

The Most Economical Software

INR 4000+GST

  • No maintenance cost
  • No upgrade cost
  • No training cost
  • No hidden cost


  • No maintenance cost
  • No upgrade cost
  • No training cost
  • No hidden cost

Optical CRM

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Feature-rich capabilities that help you expand and profit from your optical retail business. Inventory, purchases, sales, customers, prescriptions, barcodes, expenses, petty cash, accounts, and much more can all be simply managed.

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Watch these videos to get a feel for and learn about the numerous modules available in our software. It takes care of every aspect of your optical retail business. It is very easy, simple and fast to manage your optical retail business.

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