Optical CRM Software


The Complete software for optical shops


Sales orders

It is very easy and quick to enter new sales order in Optical CRM software. You can enter orders for eyewear frames, sunglasses, lens, contact lens, solutions etc.

Purchases & Challans

Manage your purchases, purchase discount, the additional cost during purchase. Also, you can add purchase challans.

Products & SKU's

Add, edit and update all stock keeping units for your optical retail business. SKU's are auto created and updates when you perform purchases and sales.


Negative or positive stock of each and every product is managed with 100% accuracy. You can search, add or adjust inventories with few clicks.


All suppliers payments and payables are recorded automatically. You can easily view account statement for any supplier.

Multi language invoice

You can generate PDF invoice in multiple language such as Arabic + English or Dutch + English.


Multiple discount options are available in our software such as product wise, fixed amount, percentages, brand wise, specific barcode base, product code base and OTP authorized discounts.

Stock movement tracking

Keep track of inward and outward movement of your stocks. Our software gives you complete details on the number of units moved inward and outward with available balance.

Customer label printing

Printing address labels for your customer database is very simple; select customers or enter data and our software will generate labels in professional format.

Advance prescription module

Store four different versions of prescription such as before testing, after testing, manual testing and final prescription. You can store different prescription for eyewear and contact lens. Transpose option and auto calculations is available.

Inter branch GST sales

When you have multiple branches with different GST number; this feature is very useful. Once you perform inter branch sales; system will automatically record purchase in the receiving branch.

Investors & Franchise

When you create any franchise or investor user; they will be able to view and access everything on the software but it will be READ ONLY for them. They don't get any rights to edit or update anything.

Inbuild accounting software

Our software will take care of accounting automatically when you create sales, purchases or expenses. Easily view and update accounts receivable, payables, referral payments, expenses, P&L statement, Balance sheet etc.

Single page customer info

This feature allows you to view complete details of a given customer in single page. All his sales orders, loyalty points, discount coupons, SMS history. It helps you in offering right product to your customer.

Referral program

Referrals works best in any industry. Using referral program you can increase your sales. Our software keeps track of all referral sales orders and referral payments. You can create custom referral codes or you can use customer mobile number as referral code.

Excel report downloads

Search, filter and download reports in Excel format. 20+ standard reports are made available in our software. You can quickly view summary and pie charts for respective search data.

Lens grid purchase

Lens purchase is made very easy with GRID option. You can enter SPH values in rows and CYL values in columns.

Analytical dashboard

Knowing your task and progress is key to success in any business. Dashboard given in our software helps you to identify all pending tasks, todays collections, sales, profits, expenses and much more.

Staff users

Create unlimited users with custom permission for each user. You can decide and control permission for your staff users.

Import data from excel

Existing data can be imported with few clicks using EXCEL format. bring all your customer, prescription, inventory, and purchases data into action.

bar-code & QR codes

Generate bar-code or QR code with all custom parameters. You can print logo, MRP, product code, shop name, brand name etc. Our software is cable to print bar-code stickers in any shape and size.

SMS, WhatsApp & Emails

In our software you can communicate with your customers though automated SMS, WhatsApp messages or Emails.

Non-chargeable Items

Tracking non-chargeable items such as carry bags, cases, selvets and other products that are given as part of the order.

Range wise Lens pricing

You can set lens sales price based on the power range for any given product. You can set different rates of same product depending on the power.

Transfer Stock

Transfer stock with your stores using barcode or product codes. Even you can set stock receiving confirmation to make sure all stocks are received.

Inventory Audit

Our unique feature to audit your inventory allows you to check and reconcile physical stock with the stock available in the software.

Barcode Tracking

We maintain complete history of given barcode. When it was purchased, sold, transferred, deleted or returned. This helps to find stock with given barcode.

Member ID & card

You can allocate unique membership IP for each and every customer. It makes it easy for finding customers in the database. Also, you can print attractive membership cards from our software.

Prescription Cards

Our software allows you to print and customize prescription cards to improve your brand image. You can print one or many prescription cards very easily from our software.

Insurance module

Specially for optical business in UAE and Europe; insurance module is must to have feature. You can record insurance name, pre-authorization and keep track of insurance payments.

Loyalty points

Decide value for loyalty points and assign manually or automatically loyalty points to your customers. This is best way to retain your customers.

Discount coupons

Generate coupons for your customers and encourage them to give you repeated orders. Use this option for all special occasions.

Multiple payment modes

Set up to 10 different payment modes for your customers. You can decide various payment modes like cash, cards, swipe machine, UPI etc.

Customer credit option

During sales you can decide if you want to allow customer credit which can be collected anytime in future.

order Courier

We have given courier facility in our software to track and manage courier details for any orders.

Item wise tracking

Check and manage sales orders in different stages such as order pending, sent for fitting, received from vendor, informed customer for pick-up.

Auto Reminders

You can set auto-reminders for your customers for their future eye check-ups, contact lens purchase, order ready etc.

Auto Greetings

Our software will send greetings and wishes to your customers on their birthdays and anniversary.

Auto Alerts

Alerts are sent to owners or managers for deleting any order, editing existing order or daily profit & loss.

Order forms

Manage order forms for all spectacles and send them to your fitting center though emails. You can also download and print order forms.

Daily statement

View, download or print daily statement for your store. It will give complete details on all orders, expenses and cash transactions.

multi-size formats

Print advance receipts, prescriptions, invoice, stock transfer notes in multiple size like A4, A5, A6, 79mm roll format, 110mm roll format etc.

Bulk Invoicing (b2B)

In our software, you can create a bulk invoice if you are dealing with b2b customers or you are into the wholesale optical business.

Wearing parameters

Store and print all wearing parameters fitting height, segment height, wrap angle, inclination, progressive length, reading distance, frame dimension, BVD/ERCD, head cape, eye ratio, FDC/FD.

100% GST compliance

You can record GST purchases and sales, you can also use composite GST scheme. System gives you both GST input and output reports for easy filing your GST returns.

Complete customer info

You can choose to store all information for your customers such as gender, date of birth, anniversary date, email ID, address, city, state, category, notes, PAN card number etc.

Customer category

Create, manage and update multiple customer categories which will help you to target market future campaigns and offers.

do not disturb

Mark any customer mobile number under DND category so they don't get disturb with SMS or WhatsApp messages from your optical CRM software.

Visitor count

Keep track of footprints or visitors in your store. It allows you to better understand and analyze sales conversion ratios

Customer feedbacks

Collect and store feedback from your customer through SMS or WhatsApp. Customer feedback makes the big difference for your business success.

SMS Promotions

Send bulk SMS promotions for various offers and occasions. You can register your Sender ID or SMS templates.

Complete Software for Optical Shop