Address Label printing Software for Optical Business

Mistakes in writing addresses on the courier can cost heavy; it may go to the wrong address or be taken away by the wrong customer.

In the optical retail business many times we need to send couriers to customers because they are out of station or they don’t have time to pick up their spectacles. We have provided a special feature to print address labels for your customers which comes out professionally and error free. You can select data and print it on an A4 LABEL sheet very easily using Optical CRM Software. Our software will generate PDF files with all selected customer addresses and you can simply print this PDF using any LASER or THERMAL printer. Right now, we have fixed it to A4 size to make it more simple and easy to use but we can also customize this feature based on client requirement for Address Label Printing for Optical Shop.

Not only for sending couriers, you can also send invitation cards, gift cards or discount coupons to your customers using this ADDRESS LABEL PRINTING feature. It may sound a little old school or expensive to send couriers but it has a massive impact on customers. You can develop a long lasting brand image with your customers by sending important and useful information to your customers. When you do this in BULK you can reduce courier cost dramatically and it will not impact your marketing budget.

In this new era of digital work; people don’t get many postcards or couriers so they will pay extra attention to your courier or marketing content; this will give you very good results.

When you create customers or generate new sales orders you can record complete addresses of customers such as Line 1, Line 2, Landmark, City, State, Pincode etc so that LABEL PRINTING is effective and attractive.

Not only Address Label Printing Software; Optical CRM Software is also good in printing prescription cards, membership cards, barcode labels etc. Our software is all-in-one software which can help you to manage everything in your optical retail store.