Customer engagement is important

Optical retail business is going through a transformation stage and if you want to be successful in your optical retail business; you have to focus on customer engagement activities.

As we all know, customers are very important for your business and to keep them buying from your business; you have to implement the best customer engagement strategies.

With our experience in working with over 4000 optical retail stores and after studying various customer trends in different industries; we at OPTICAL CRM SOFTWARE have built exclusive features in our software that will help you in improving customer engagements.

Single page customer profile

You can search with mobile number or name and system will give you respective customer profile with all details related to his profile, pending order, purchase history, coupons, outstanding amount, ledger statement, SMS history,

Customer category options

You can create multiple categories of your customer which will help you to sell accurate and best fit products to you customer. Also, categories will help you in running promotion campaigns to specific categories of customers.

WhatsApp, Email and SMS

Communication is KEY and we take it very seriously in Optical CRM Software. You can easily send WhatsApp, Email or SMS to your customers for their transactions or for any special offer promotions.

Feedback system

Getting feedback from your customer will help you to improve your business. Most importantly when you ask for feedback; your customer feels good and it shows that you really care for your customers. It is very easy to collect feedback using Optical CRM Software.

Auto reminders

Reminders work best in getting repeated business. Most of the customers visit your store when they get a reminder for eye testing or repurchase of contact lenses.

Discount coupons

Giving free coupons will ensure that your future business is reserved. Either the same customer will come back or he will send his friends or family but for your business it is going to add more sales.

Loyalty points

You have to give special attention and value to the customers who are regularly buying from your optical store. Loyalty points is the best way to do it. Optical CRM Software will take care of it automatically.

Referral program

Happy customers bring more customers! This is very much true and you will experience the same as soon as you start implementing a referral program.

These are a few methods which will help you to achieve more sales and growth in your optical retail business. Optical CRM Software is widely used and most trusted software in optical retail business. You can manage your entire business through Optical CRM Software.

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