Importance of single page search & customer records

Optical CRM Software introduces exclusive features to search and view complete details of your customer on a single screen or page.

You can easily search your customers by name or mobile number and you will be able to view all their details in a single screen. This will save a lot of time and it will help you to make important and firm decisions while dealing with your customers.

On the result page you can see all the details given below and you don’t need to go to various menus or pages to get all these details for your customer.

  1.  Customer Profile: You can see all the details related to the customer such as Title, Email ID, Anniversary Date, Age, Date of Birth, Customer Category, Gender, Customer GST/TAX Number, Company Name, Address, Locality, Country, State, City, Pin Code, Customer Notes etc.
  2. Total Purchase Value: You will get a total number which shows how much worth of products a customer has purchased from your shop. It gives you an understanding whether the customer is a regular buyer from your shop and how much value he has added in sales.
  3. Outstanding Amount: This shows how much money the respective customer owes you or you owe him/her. It will help to recover outstanding payments and make your cash flows better.
  4. Pending Orders: You can see if any pending orders are there for respective customers.
  5. Sales Returns: This will show all the sales returns from the respective customer. It gives you an idea on what you should sell to the customer and what you should not.
  6. All Order Details: This shows all the orders in detail with all the products that the respective customer has purchased from your shop.
  7. Complete Prescriptions: All eye testing records and prescriptions of the respective customer as shown here in detail table format. No need to click anywhere else, you can see the complete prescription on this page.
  8. Discount Coupons: In this table you can see all the discount coupons along with the status of each coupon that belongs to the respective customer. You can easily find out if a customer has any active coupon that he can redeem for the new order. Also, you can find out the particular coupon which is redeemed by the customer against the order number.
  9. Loyalty Point Statement: This section will show the statement of loyalty points along with current balance. It is very easy to see how many loyalty points a customer has earned and how many he has already redeemed in various orders.
  10. Ledger Statement: It is an account statement for any given customer. You can see all his sales, payment and sales return voucher entries in the ledger statement of the given customer.
  11. SMS History and logs: You can easily find out how many SMS were sent to the respective customer and what was the content and when it was sent. If any customer is complaining about SMS, you can easily find and resolve his issue from this section.