Stock movement defines success in optical retail business

You can be the market winner if you can maintain track of stock movement and regulate your stock movement in the optical retail industry. The success or failure of your optical retail business is determined by how well you manage inventory and keep track of stock movement in your store.

What is stock movement ?

The count of all the stocks of a given SKU / Product that you have purchased from a supplier, added manually, imported through an excel file, bought from another store, purchased via challan, sold to a customer, adjusted, deleted, returned to supplier, and transferred stock to another store is known as stock movement.

It gives you a complete picture and keeps track of how much STOCK-INWARD and STOCK-OUTWARD of a certain product you have, as well as the current quantity in your stock.

Why stock movement is important?

It is critical because stock movement will offer you a clear picture of which stocks are in high demand, moving quickly, and which stocks you have purchased again in your business. If you don’t maintain track of stock movement, you can end up buying stock that never sells or running out of stock for your most popular items.

We can help you to keep track of stock movement very easily with Optical CRM Software.


Inventory levels

Easily keep track of inventory levels for Eyewear, Frames, Sunglasses, Lens Cleaning Solutions, and other items.


Adjust inventory

If you make a mistake in sales, you can replace the stock with another stock or delete it from inventory.



Inventory audit

Inventory may be audited using barcodes. It will show you how many stocks have gone missing, been misplaced, or are unaccounted for.