How to promote your optical retail business using a CRM Software

Optical retail business is changing and competition is increasing day by day. It is very important for you to focus on promoting your optical retail store so that you can beat your competitors and achieve more sales.

We all know that promotions are very risky, costly and time consuming activities and that is why we avoid doing it for our business. However, there are many modern tools and softwares which can minimise risk, reduce cost and take less time to promote your optical retail business. If you want to learn more of these tools, then you are on the right page. Read this though and I am sure you will agree that promotions were never so easy.


WhatsApp has become the most popular app to connect and communicate with your customers. You can leverage this tool to work for you as brand promotions. You can send a transaction WhatsApp message to your customer with their INVOICE information and that is how your whatsApp number will be added to his trusted list. In this transaction email you can add a Discount Coupon or some offers which will attract customers to come back or refer their friends to your business. In Optical CRM Software we have integrated business whatsApp API which will allow you to communicate with your customers though your own WhatsApp number very easily and effectively.


SMS is a proven method of promotion but it has to be done in the right way with correct data. If you want your SMS campaign to be successful you have to make sure you send SMS to the right audience at the right time with right content. You have to make sure that you don’t miss any occassion or opportunity to connect with your customer. More you connect, there are more chances of getting recurring business from the customers. You can interact with customers on various occasions like Order Ready, Birthday, Anniversary, Special offers, Festivals etc. In Optical CRM Software you can send transactions as well as bulk SMS very easily. We support all DLT templates and you can choose to send SMS from your own SENDER ID.


Bulk emails are no longer working because most of the emails are landed in the SPAM folder or PROMOTION tab. This is why we suggest using Transactional emails to generate more business with your customers. In transaction email such as NEW ORDER EMAIL or INVOICE EMAIL, you can attach discount coupons or inform your customer about loyalty points which will encourage customers to do repeated business with your shop. This sounds a little complex but it is very easy to achieve this using Optical CRM Software. Moreover, we do not charge anything extra for sending transactional emails.


In today’s business is not just getting new customers but we also have to focus on retention and repeated orders. It is observed that optical retail stores have 50% of their business from regular or repeated customers. Loyalty points are something which keeps customer interest in your shop and they will be excited to make further purchases from your store. You can decide to give loyalty points for new orders and you can also decide on how these loyalty points will be redeemed. In Optical CRM Software we have a dedicated module for managing loyalty points and it does everything automatically for you.


Every customer loves to get discount coupons and it is so easy. Giving away a discount coupon means that you are booking future sales for your optical retail store. Everytime customer gets a discount coupon, he will walk-in to your store to redeem it. It is always a win-win deal for customers and store owners. In Optical CRM Software there are plenty of options to generate discount coupons and distribute these coupons to your customers in BULK with one click.


Partnership and collaboration are very much needed in today’s business. You can create a mouth watering referral program that can attract more customers to refer their friends and family. Also, you can set this referral program with other retail stores nearby like Medical Shops, Grocery stores, Restaurants etc. You can also get affiliated with pracing doctors and optometrists in your area to be a part of your referral program. It is very easy to keep track of referral and respective commission using Optical CRM Software.


A well designed PDF receipt or invoice can prove to be an eye catching promotional tool for your business. You can include loyalty points they earned, discount coupons they received and any special offer image in your PDF documents. Your customer will keep these receipts and invoices very carefully and read them thoroughly so your offer is going to hit their mind. If you think it is difficult then leave that job to Optical CRM Software.


Sending birthday or anniversary wishes are very common but have ever thought that we can use this event as an opportunity to promote your business. You can include a discount coupon or a special discount percentage when you send wishes to your customer. This will not only make customers loyal to your business but they will get thrilled to get extra discounts and it will make them feel special. Optical CRM Software is well equipped to do this for your business.

In a nutshell promoting optical retail business is very easy if you have the right tool such as Optical CRM Software. If you are serious about promoting your business and taking it to the next level; you should give Optical CRM Software a try. Above mentioned are just a few features but Optical CRM Software has many features to manage inventory, purchases, sales, customers, prescriptions, accounts etc. You are getting many things for a single price which is a penny in the dollar. Our software is trusted and used worldwide by 4000+ optical retail stores, they only have good things to talk about.

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