Technology For Any Optical Retail Business

In today’s competitive business environment all optical retail businesses are moving to technology solutions to stay ahead of their competitors and to provide better customer satisfaction. A perfect technology for any optical retail business should focus on solving below problems which are very common in any optical retail stores.

  • Lack of accurate and latest inventory
  • Lack of customer management
  • Lack of customer retention
  • Lack of business promotions
  • Lack of employee supervision or control
  • Lack of cash management
  • Lack of duplication and ease in management


Our software is not just any billing or post software; it is a complete package and a technology partner for your optical retail business. We make sure that Optical CRM Software will help your business to overcome above mentioned problems and issues in your retail store.

Optical CRM Software has various modules and features that will help you to manage and grow your optical retail business very easily. Below is the list of the most common and comprehensive features of Optical CRM Software.

  • Products and SKU’s management for frames, googles, lens, contact lens, solutions etc.
  • Inventory management, inventory levels, stock transfer, inventory audit, lens grid etc,
  • Purchase management, purchase return, challan module, barcode printing, lens grid purchase etc.
  • Sales management, sales return, order forms, invoices, advance receipts, insurance module, order item wise tracking, bulk invoicing, daily statement etc
  • Customer management, customer categories, DND customers, birthday list, anniversary list, order ready reminder etc.
  • Promotion module, discount coupons, loyalty program, referral program, SMS, Emails, WhatsApp etc.
  • Reporting module, sales report, purchase report, transfer stock report, customer report, prescription report, pending order report, payment report, barcode report, expense report, loss or damage report, closing stock report, GST input and output report etc
  • Prescription management, patient name, SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Near vision, Distance vision, Transpose option, Single vision, reading glasses, Progressive, Bifocal, after testing, before testing, AR Reflector meter reading etc.
  • Accounting module, expenses, ledgers, vouchers, trial balance, P&L statement, Balance sheet, accounts receivable, accounts payable, referral commission etc.

Unique Features that you can find only in Optical CRM Software

  • Dashboard with all pending tasks and daily, monthly business collections, expenses and profit/loss information.
  • Single click customer search with complete details of his profile, prescriptions, purchases, discount coupons, payments etc. All this in a single page.
  • Quick inventory search with barcode or name, get all details of stock movement, stock available, Stock-in, stock-out etc.
  • Master settings to customize product names, product fields, customer fields, barcode fields, prescription card print format, advance receipt and invoice formats, order form pdf format, discount settings, email, SMS and whatsApp settings etc.
  • My account to manage instant purchase of SMS credits, WhatsApp credits, Branch addition or branch renewal without any hassle. Also, you can view and download invoice in PDF format for all your payments.

We have more than 4000 satisfied customers who are using Optical CRM Software for their business and they have experienced a massive transformation in their business after they switch their business on Optical CRM Software.

Our software is very cost effective and our team is always available to help you for any issues or problems you have in your business.

For any questions you can contact our EXPERT though phone or WhatsApp +91 8147420462