Barcode stickers for Optical Retail Business

Barcode stickers are very commonly used in most of the retail businesses these days. It has become a standard practice of any optical retail business. You can consider it a modern way of doing business more efficiently and effectively. It helps you to increase conversion ratio, customer satisfaction and business profits. In this blog we have discussed everything that you should know about barcode stickers for optical retail business.

What are barcode stickers ?

Barcode stickers are commonly applied on Eyewear frames, Googles and other products that are sold in any optical retail stores. Barcode stickers are printed with specific details such as Brand Name, Brand logo, MRP, Offer Price, Product Code, Line Barcode, QR Code etc. There are no standard rules for printing barcode stickers and you can include any detail that you feel is important for customers to know about any product. Some shops even print tax information or any generic caption on all stickers to create an impression on customers.

There is no limitation on creativity that one can use in BARCODE stickers. The idea is to provide information and details which would make customer experience better and satisfying.

How Barcode stickers can improve your Optical Retail Business ?

Properly managed inventory can always increase your profits and sales conversion ratio. It is observed that an optical retail store using barcode stickers is achieving 15% more sales than optical retail stores which are not using barcode stickers. For some store owners it may be an additional cost and useless activity but believe us; it can improve your business and profits to a greater extent than what you can imagine. Let us try to understand a few cases in detail and I am sure you will see what difference barcode stickers can make to your optical retail business.

1. Transparency

When you apply barcode stickers which are printed with price details and brand details; your customer feels transparency in the business and they would love to do business with you.

2. Improves Brand Image

With proper barcode information with your shop logo on it will improve your shop brand image and customers will notice how serious you are about your business and that attracts them to your retail store.

3. Accurate Inventory

Properly barcode inventory will always give accurate results and you would avoid investing your money on dead stocks. Also, you will always have fresh and demanding stocks which are easy to sell.

4. Prohibits Theft

If all your stocks are barcoded and it is recorded in a software; there is very less chance that your employee tries to steal them or replace them with alternative stocks. This improves your business profit and increases your control on your staff.

5. Ease of Billing

With barcode in place billing is very simple and easy. All you have to do is just scan the barcode and you are done. Once barcodes are implemented, billing will become more efficient.

What kind of barcode stickers do you need for your optical store ?

Barcode stickers are available in various sizes, shapes, materials and finishing. Ideal sizes for stickers that are applied on Eyewear products are 95mm X 12mm or 95mm X 15mm and most commonly BAT shape stickers are used for any optical retail business. We suggest buying Pure Polyester – No paper stickers because they will be applied on Frames or Googles which customers want to try before they buy. If it is made of paper then it will tear-off very easily and you would need to re-print stickers again and again. Also, print quality will not be good on PAPER compared to that of POLYESTER. You can use MAT finish or GLOSSY finish stickers but it is always good to use MAT finish which looks more professional and it will not shine more so that your product looks good. If you apply more glossy stickers then it will shine and affect the experience of customers with your product.

Why should you buy them from Optical CRM ?

There are many vendors who sell barcode stickers but most of them fail to provide quality and consistency; either they are outdated or not in proper uniform size. If you buy such stickers then you are risking your barcode printer and wasting a lot of time in printing barcode labels. We at optical crm provide exclusive barcode stickers which are designed and manufactured specially for Optical Retail Business. It is made of high quality polyester material with premium adhesive which will never damage your products. We provide barcode labels in ROLL format and SHEET format. Roll formats are used in thermal transfer printers which are special printers for barcode label printing but they are expensive. Sheet formats are used in normal laser printers which are used for A4 bill printing; this make is more cost effective and you do not need to buy additional printers for barcode printing. You can get both MAT finished or GLOSSY finished stickers in 95mm X 12mm or 95mm X 15mm BAT shape.

If you need any further information on barcode label stickers for optical retail business feel free to contact our expert using Call or WhatsApp +91 8147420462