Why do you need a CRM in your optical retail store ?

Customers are the key for success in any optical retail business. Since you are mostly interacting with local customers and they are your brand ambassadors. Also, you will get repeated orders from these same customers only. This is why managing and maintaining customer relationships is very important for the success of your optical retail business.

CRM stands for customer relationship management and there are various sections of CRM like data record keeping, data analysis (Business intelligence), data usage for customer service or business promotions. Let us explore more on each of these sections of CRM.

1 – Data record keeping:

The most important role in CRM is to store customer data in digital format which can be easily retrieved or searched when required. Your CRM should have all required fields and data points to store all vital information about your customer such as Full name, Date of Birth, Date of anniversary, Customer Age in years and months, Complete address with PIN code, Referral information, Customer group, Special notes etc. The most important data for your customer is their eye testing prescription records, you need a very strong and advanced system to store all the historical records for prescriptions.

2 – Data analysis:

Once you have the data stored in digital format and it has all required data fields; your next step would be to analyse the data of your customer and their purchases. You can also analyse any particular customer with respect to their eye powers and they way it is changing. With all the analysis you will be able to sell more products and satisfy your customer needs very easily. In modern days it is also called as BI (business intelligence). If you do it right, you can understand your customer buying habits, your future demands for various products, your expansion plans for more optical stores etc.

3 – Data usage:

With the data you collect and store; you will be able to use it for sending alerts and reminders to your customers. It will make them happy and relax. You can also send promotional contents and various offers to your customers; it will help you to generate more sales. It is observed that optical retail stores who are sending frequent communications (Email or SMS) are able to generate more business compared to other optical retail stores who are not doing so.