COVID-19 impact on Optical Retail Business – what has changed ?

Due to global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spread has changed the way businesses were operating before. This is also applicable for Optical Retail Business and there has been significant impact on optical retail sales. In this article we will explain the important changes or techniques that can be adopted to avoid the spread of this virus and continue our business.

1 – Paperless Billing / Invoice :

First and most important change is to adopt paperless billing; you can use any software or even excel sheet to generate your bills digitally. This virus spread is possible with all means of physical touch and paper can hold this virus for a very long time. Also, it will save a lot of time for accounting and bookkeeping if you are doing digital billing. You can send sales data in excel format to your auditors. Advanced and proven technology like Optical CRM Software is capable of generating and sending high quality, professional bills in PDF format to your customers. There are no extra charges to send emails in Optical CRM Software.

2 – Digital Eye Testing Prescription :

Eye testing and prescription for customers are very common and a daily routine of any optical retail store. However, with the new changes due to COVID-19, you can start giving digital eye testing prescriptions to your customers. You can generate a PDF document and send it to the customer email ID or you can use any software or services which can help you to generate and send digital eye testing prescriptions. Also, you can try Optical CRM Software. You can avoid the spread of CORONA using this method and your customers will feel happy when they get a digital prescription record on their email.

3 – Bar-code system :

Social distancing is the only solution to stop spreading this CORONAVIRUS; hence, you can adopt a bar-code system for all frames and goggles so that customers can try it on their own and they can see price and other details on the product easily. They don’t have to ask you or you don’t need to touch & show each frame personally. This way you can keep social distance and avoid physical contact with your customer. Optical CRM Software can help you to generate bar-code for any format, any size and any shape you want.

4 – Business hours :

Due to COVID-19 lockdown situation, business hours are changing regularly. It is very important for your customers to know about your business hours. You can use a bulk SMS system to keep informed customers about your shop timings. Optical CRM Software has this feature and it can make your life very easy. You can also use this feature to promote any special offers or products specific to COVID-19.