Benefits of sending Bulk SMS for optical business

SMS is very common and widely used medium of communication. This very important communication channel has also become very useful and popular business promotion tool. It is very easy to send thousand of SMS in bulk using any proven online services which will help optical shops to promote their products or offers to their customers.

In this new era of online shopping, local optical shops have to promote their offers to the customers to stop them buying products though online websites. This is why bulk SMS has become very important tool to grow optical shop business.

As we all see today MOBILE has become one of our body part as we stay with mobile for all most 24 hours and this is why Optical Business will get great success in sales using Bulk SMS feature.

Now that you have understand the need of Bulk SMS for optical business, you should also learn which are good and reliable services to choose for bulk SMS. It is not only the cost of the SMS, you should also compare the delivery ratio, time it takes to deliver SMS and most important is transparency in SMS credits. You should monitor and make sure that your SMS vendor is not deducting more credits for the SMS you are sending.

Apart from SMS service, you also need customer mobile database. This is very challenging if you do not have any software or records of your customers. We recommend that you should use retail management software or customer management software like Optical CRM to manage your customer database. Also, we suggest that you keep register at your shop where you can collect database of the visitors in your shop. This database will be very useful when you want to promote your offers and products.

Once you have SMS service and Database, you can start sending Bulk SMS to all your customers and visitors. However, below you start sending SMS, we would like to inform important tips and tricks that you can follow to get good results from Bulk SMS campaign.

  • SMS text should be less than 160 characters. Make it clear and upto the point.
  • Try to avoid FREE word in your SMS text. People don’t trust the free things anymore.
  • Highlight price and offer price so that customer knows how much he will save in the offer.
  • Give contact number in the SMS for viewer to call back if they need more details on your offer.
  • Send SMS on weekends or holiday to get more viewers and generate more optical offer enquiry.
  • SMS should be scheduled for morning 10 or evening 4. This are the usual time when people go for shopping.
  • Send individual SMS for individual offer. Don’t club multiple offers in single SMS. It will be confusing to the customer.
  • Use your optical shop brand name SENDER ID which will be visible instead of number to the customers when they get your SMS.
  • It will be great to send SMS in local languages like Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Odiya, Bhojpuri, Marvadi, Punjabi etc.

You can also make an habit to send transaction SMS to your customers on various instances like.

  • Thank you for your purchase in our optical shop.
  • You glasses are ready, kindly come and pick them from our optical shop.
  • If you like our products, please refer your family and friends.
  • Wish you happy birthday from your optical shop.
  • May this anniversary bring joy and happiness in your life. Regards, our optical shop.
  • You have not tested your eye power in last 6 months, visit our optical shop today for FREE eye testing.
  • Your glasses are more than 1 year old and it may not give good care to your eye, it’s time to replace with new glasses.

Whether it is Bulk SMS or Transaction SMS, OPTICAL CRM SOFTWARE can perform it best for your optical retail shop.