How to improve your optical retail business during LOCK-DOWN ?

Each and every Optical retail business is undergoing huge losses due to LOCK-DOWN and impact of novel CORONA. Being a part of this industry; we understand the challenges and difficulties that are very common for all optical retail stores. As we all know that this situation is beyond our control and there is hardly anything that we can do about it.

Having said that; we believe that things are going to change and everything will get back to normal. After a dark night there is always a bright sunny day; we all have to wait for it.

If you consider this time as an opportunity; you can meet new heights in the future. It is up to you; either you can spend this time doing nothing or use it wisely to improve your optical retail business.

There are many things you can do at this time which will make you more competent; we have listed few of the ideas in this blog for you.


1 – Build relationship with your existing customer

You can use any available media of your choice such as Phone calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc to communicate with your customers and stay in touch with them. This is the perfect time to build conversations and spend time with your customers to make them more loyal to your business. Since, they also have more time they can listen to your suggestions and feedback with more passions. You can use technology such as OPTICAL CRM to build a healthy relationship with your customers.


2 – Train your staff or employees

Your staff or employees are the key players in getting more sales. If they are well-trained and have good knowledge about your products and services, it will directly benefit your business. In this time, you have very few walk-in customers and there will be more time to sit with your staff and train them. You can also use digital platforms to do remote training by maintaining social distance. Make sure that you staff is comfortable in entering sales order details, inventory details, customer & prescription details in OPTICAL CRM software. You can always approach our team to give them training for FREE.


3 – Focus on branding your shop

Due to lock-down, customers are shopping more online and they are getting to know more and more brands, hence you should also focus on selling branded products and improve your shop brand name within your customers. You can spend some time doing bar-codes for all your products which will definitely help you to improve your brand. You can ask the OPTICAL CRM team to print bar-code stickers with your shop logo.

Did you know ?

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