Why Discount coupons are necessary in optical retail business?

Optical retail business is becoming more competitive and challenging; there is hardly anything that you can do about the competition. However, if you are an innovative entrepreneur, you can implement new business techniques to beat your competition.

Discount coupons most commonly used promotion method to attract new customers and to keep your existing customer coming back to your optical retail store. You can use them while generating new sales orders. It can have some limitations like minimum number of products, minimum total sales value, for the first order only, for specific product type, etc. These all depends on your optical business strategy and offers from your competition (other optical shops in your area).

You can generate discount coupons for a fixed price, fixed percentage, fixed date validity, etc. You can keep it limited to new customers or for everyone. You can even keep it gender specific or product specific discount coupons.

Once you decide on DISCOUNT COUPON, you have to plan for the right amount of coupons, right time to promote them, right medium to inform your audience and right optical retail software to manage them.

Right time:

We recommend you regularly generate and give discount coupons for any special occasions such as New YEAR, CHRISTMAS, DIWALI, DASHERA, HOLI, UGADI etc. This is a sample list but festivals and occasions mostly depend on your place. You should use each occasion or event in your locality. These are the occasions where you can expect your audience to make buying decisions; they want a new pair of sunglasses for summer vacation, groom or bride wants a new pair of classic eye-ware for their wedding, a boyfriend wants to gift contact lens to his girlfriend on valentine day etc. If your timing is perfect; you will get very good sales in optical retail business.

Right medium:

Getting discount coupons to your audience is a big challenge because it requires an investment. Depending on your audience size and scale of your discount coupons; you have to choose the right medium. It could be Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, News paper ad, Google Ad, content or image ad on other websites or blogs, ads in community websites, etc. We have seen very good results in the past through bulk SMS because it reaches directly to audience mobile; there are more chances that they will read and use your discount coupon.

Right software:

Once you decide on the right time and right medium; you should choose the right software which can help you to manage your entire discount coupons. It is not easy and most of the software’s fail in managing discount coupons or they may have a lot of limitations which will not make them ideal software for your optical retail business. You should choose a software which should give you complete flexibility, all features related to discount coupons and complete reporting capabilities to check the performance. The Optical CRM Software is one such software which is the best for managing entire optical retail business.

We could say that discount coupons are one of the best methods to improve sales in optical retail business. However, you should have enough knowledge and technology to carry out it in your optical retail store.